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Acronis Backup Cloud

What is Acronis Backup Cloud?

#1 Hybrid Cloud Backup-as-a-Service Solution for Service Providers.
Acronis Backup Cloud protects any virtual, physical, and cloud environment and provides you with tools and options to protect any device in any location by backing up to any storage and recovering to any platform.

Support an increasing number of use cases

Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure

New Native Backup Destinations

Now Acronis Backup Cloud customers can experience even faster backup and recovery times and meet compliance and business requirements with greater ease: Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure data centers are built-in as native backup destinations. Better still, no additional deployment is required and Google, Microsoft and Acronis cloud storage solutions are equally priced for optimal choice.

Google Cloud Platform
The Dalles, Oregon, USA, Montréal, Québec, Canada, London, England, UK

Microsoft Azure
Central US, Iowa, North Europe, Ireland

What’s New in Acronis Cyber Cloud 7.9

G Suite backup
Deliver readily available G Suite backup services and get reliable point-in-time recovery, flexible restore and cloud storage options, as well as quick search functionality.

Cryptomining protection
Benefit from enhanced Acronis Active Protection, which detects potential cryptomining malware on customer PCs and stops it, preserving resources and network traffic.

New product name
Meet Acronis Cyber Cloud. Beginning with this update, Acronis Data Cloud has been renamed in order to reflect Acronis’ commitment to delivering complete cyber protection solutions.

Key Features for End Customers

Protection for any workload
Protect Windows, Linux, Macs, eight major hypervisors, iOS, Android, Microsoft apps, Office 365, G Suite..

Acronis Instant Restore
Recover systems in seconds by starting any system directly from backup storage.

Physical Data Shipping
Perform initial seeding faster by shipping a hard drive with the original full backup to an Acronis data center.

AI-based ransomware protection
Defend customers’ data, systems and backups from ransomware with Acronis Active Protection.

Acronis Universal Restore
Perform dissimilar hardware recovery faster, without incompatibility issues.

Simple DRaaS add-on
Add DR functionality to the backup system in mere minutes in order to spin up systems in the cloud.

Fast, reliable backups
Avoid backup files corruption, resume/stop backup jobs any time, back up at 500 MB/second and faster.

Quick self-service file recovery
Web-based console to access backups, search and restore files from anywhere.

Secure cloud data centers
Acronis data centers are Tier-IV designed and have received a number of major security certifications.

Complete Office 365 Protection

Increase revenues easily by delivering efficient, in-demand, cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery for Office 365

Profit from the rising demand for O365 backup
According to Gartner, 50 percent of Office 365 corporate customers will adopt third-party backup solutions by 2020. Service providers have a unique opportunity to grow their business simply meeting the rapidly rising demand for third-party Office 365 backup solutions.

Deliver complete O365 protection and stand out
Ensure customers get everything they need with Acronis’ cloud-to-cloud solution. It protects Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint Online, including flexible recovery options and backup search capabilities available within all three services.

Defend O365 data easily – with no upfront costs
The cloud-to-cloud approach allows you to avoid upfront costs and simplifies the configuration process and maintenance because there's no need to install an agent. You can almost instantly enable Office 365 protection for customers using a turnkey, SaaS-based solution.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for G Suite

G Suite is a leading SaaS application with more than five million business customers – and they all require a third-party backup solution to protect data against user-error, malicious acts, malware, and ransomware. With Acronis Backup Cloud, service providers can profit delivering readily available, top-notch and cost-effective G Suite data protection services.

Get an efficient cloud-to-cloud solution with nothing to install

Use three pre-configured cloud storage options: Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, and Acronis Cloud Storage

Provide daily and on-demand backups of Gmail, Drive, Team Drives, Calendar, and Contacts data

Ensure fast, reliable point-in-time recovery

Leverage flexible restore options – from single user-items (e.g. emails, attachments) to a user’s entire Drive or Gmail data

Search across email body content and metadata quickly and verify the authenticity of files in Drive backups with blockchain