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Browser Security Plus

What is Browser Security Plus?

Browser Security Plus is an enterprise browser management tool that helps IT administrators manage and secure browsers across networks.
It enables them to enforce security policies, control browser extensions and plug-ins, sandbox and lockdown enterprise browsers and also ensure compliance with stipulated browser configurations to protect their networks from browser-based threats.

Supports multiple browsers

  • Manage vulnerabilities
  • Enforce security
  • Control browser plugins
  • Generate reports

Manage vulnerabilities

Detect & manage vulnerabilities:
  • Gain total visibility into browser usage trends and add-ons present across your network.
  • Detect which add-ons components are capable of causing security breaches.
  • Manage and secure the browser add-ons with Add-on Management.

Enforce security

Enforce security configurations & ensure compliance:
  • Deploy security configurations to computers to prevent browser-based threats.
  • Establish and ensure compliance to the mandated security configurations.
  • Protect enterprise data from credential thefts, phishing attacks and accidental data leakage.configurations.

Control browser plugins

Control browser plugins, extensions and sites:
  • Provide or revoke access to web applications based on business requirements.
  • Lock down your enterprise browser so employees can only use trusted business web applications.
  • Securely handle enterprise and non-enterprise sites on a single browser with web isolation.

Generate reports

Audit and generate reports:
  • Keep track of the status of browser health installed in your network.
  • Discover and fix new vulnerable browser add-ons as and when they are detected.
  • Generate reports to detect computers non-compliant to custom security configurations.