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Applications Manager

Server & Application Monitoring with total visibility – from the URL to the line of code. Server, Virtualization or Cloud:

Single, integrated application performance monitoring for all your server and application monitoring needs. From server and infrastructure components that support your business to all business critical applications responsible for uninterrupted service delivery, measure the performance statistics in real time for comprehensive application monitoring for your IT Operations. Unlike other application monitoring tools, Applications Manager supports the widest range of over 100 popular technologies across server, virtual machines, cloud applications, application servers, databases, big data stores, middleware & messaging components, web servers, web services & ERP suites.

Built for today's complex, dynamic application performance management needs. Application monitoring software even for homegrown apps with custom scripts.Enterprise Application Monitoring tool that can scale up to 50,000 applications. Get started in minutes. Easy setup, no training or consultation required to get your application monitor started.

See how your databases perform

Measuring database attributes to monitor application productivity.

Get comprehensive insight into the health and performance of your databases using agentless methodologies. Track slow queries, expensive statements, response times, failures, page faults, and a whole lot of KPIs. With ManageEngine's application monitor, easily identify and solve database issues that impact application performance.

Out-of-the-box support for:

  • JDBC databases – Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, IBM Informix, IBM DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL.
  • NoSQL technologies – MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, Apache HBase, Oracle NoSQL.
  • Big data stores – Hadoop.
  • In-memory databases – Redis, Memcached, SAP HANA, Oracle Coherence.

Application Monitoring with transaction level insights

Track response times with code-level information about your web application monitoring environment.

Pinpoint erroneous methods in your application stack with method-level application monitoring. Drill down to see the performance impact of specific code segments and SQL statements.

Detect slow transactions with transaction tracing

Get the exact invocation pattern and details of transactions across your application environment. Detect slow transactions and find out why they are slow.

Monitor database query executions

Track and inspect all SQL and NoSQL queries sent by your application. Identify slow database calls, long running queries,and overall performance of the database.

Track background transactions with in-depth business application monitoring

Measure response time of non-web/background transactions, the ones that are spawned in the background threads to understand how your database responds to queries.

Measure end-user satisfaction Levels with Apdex Scores

Track the before and after effects of your application optimization efforts. With our optimal application monitor software, ensure seamless end user experience.

Designed to run on your production servers

Easy to get started. Developers and IT operations teams can find and fix application issues with minimal overhead with our robust application monitoring software.